About Me

Marc Fishman is a highly accomplished real estate agent who has earned the trust and respect of countless homeowners in the luxury market. Over the years Marc has developed a strong reputation for his achievements as a top producer and consequently has become well known and respected in the real estate community both locally and internationally.

Originally from London, Marc has more than 30 years of real estate experience. Marc moved to Southern California in 1996 and has handled countless multi-million-dollar transactions,primarily on the Westside, with extra emphasis in the Brentwood community. Presently, Marc is an Assistant Manager at Gibson International’s Brentwood office in conjunction with acting as a full-time sales agent.

In addition to his award-winning sales techniques, Marc is an expert at understanding and explaining real estate contracts, pricing and marketing to his clients as well as other agents. A thoughtful and compassionate listener, Marc’s keen and intuitive understanding of his clients’ aspirations is one of Marc’s greatest talents. Whether it is a buyer or a seller, Marc addresses clients’ concerns and potential obstacles head on to ensure that his clients’ goals are achieved. Tireless in his efforts, Marc focuses on strategic solutions and creative problem solving to get even the most difficult deal done. Consequently, 80% of Marc’s clients are referrals and repeat business. Even more fortunate, many clients have also become dear friends.

Marc lives in Brentwood with his wife Barbara and their two dogs. Active in the community, he is on the board of the Brentwood Homeowners Association. Previously, he sat on the Park Advisory Board for Barrington Park, where he successfully negotiated with city officials, the Park Commissioner, the Veteran’s Administration and other board members to create a solution so the kids using the soccer fields and the people using the dog park could co-exist happily. Passionate about animals, Marc has also previously volunteered for the Westside German Shepherd Rescue.